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International property round-up - starring Etheridge, Olsens, Willis, Bacharach, Urie, Reid, Dreyfuss

Excited agent ends every sentence with an exclamation mark! Melissa Etheridge's "country English estate"... in California, $4.995m [link to particulars]
Olsen Twins to sell New York five-bedroom penthouse, $11.9m [New York Observer]
Bruce Willis spends $4.26m on New York apartment, takes out $3.408m mortgage [New York Observer]
Sold. Beverley Hills home to Burt Bacharach in the 1970s, listed at $3.495m... [Berg's Big Time Listings]
Ugly Betty's Michael Urie pays $749,000 for Hollywood condo down the corridor from Tara Reid [Berg's Big Time Listings]
Is it something he said? Tara Reid's leaving [The Real Estalker]
Richard Dreyfuss's other life as a property developer [LA Times]

The Rat and Mouse - because Londoners think about property every three seconds

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In my opinion I believe the UK property market is on a downturn, all the classic signs are there. Credit crisis, banks and financial institutions have been selling up their property assets for sometime, it is expected that there will be a record number of repossessions in 2008, mortgage companies have started to down-value properties and more so it has become difficult to get a mortgage now unless you are prepared to put up a substantial amount of equity yourself. So if you are a investor like me what to do you do? Well I have put off investing in the UK property market until next year and I will review the situation in April. Instead I have decided to invest in overseas destinations, namely Australia and India. I happen to come across a firm in the UK which has been promoting some low density and attractive developments in a town called Bargara in Queensland Australia.
It seems to be quite a promising prospect but I would like to know what your thoughts are and which alternative markets should we invest in? I think it can be quite lucrative to invest in areas where there is still potential for growth and the market has not peaked like in the UK. The company marketing the Australia developments is a small firm called The Agency (Real Estate) Ltd, my experience so far with them has been excellent and I am hoping they will bring me more investment opportunities in the future. You can check out their website at www.the-agencyltd.com

Posted by Jai Patel at December 2, 2007 1:12 PM

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